A Nu Experience

Nu Delhi Lounge, a high end 100 seater Indian restaurant welcomes you to a ‘Nu’ concept of eating out. Food, cocktails and music, all in one place and all delivered to perfection. We have combined this new concept to suit Nu Delhi’s cosmopolitan look – London has come to Belfast!

A Nu Taste

With the old favourites such as Masala, we also offer a cuisine never before seen in Northern Ireland. A fusion mix of Indian spices using local produce like tender lamb chops or sea bass, light, tasty and vibrant. This is sure to have your taste buds tantalised. In a cosmopolitan setting with vibrant but not intrusive music along with heavenly cocktails and a hand picked team of staff to tender your every needs. We believe Nu Delhi can show an experience unsurpassed to others.

Now that you know a little about us, explore our site: